Are you looking to sell your business and ensure that it is in excellent hands?

We're Looking to Acquire a single business and lead it for the long term

We work with businesses to preserve legacies, and we are the honest, transparent, and trustworthy partner you need to take your company to the next level

The First Step Starts With Us.

We offer business owners a very different succession option from private equity firms and strategic competitors by giving them a successful future for their own companyKortica Capital invests in small/mid-sized profitable UK based companies with stable organic growth and re-occurring revenues

Leave a legacy.

Selling your business

==Selling your business isn’t easy. ==
We know how hard you’ve worked, how much of your life you’ve invested in it.
Now you’re thinking about options and what’s next.
There’s excitement, stress and maybe even some guilt.
We get it.
We can help.
It starts with a relationship built on trust, integrity and experience.

About us

who we are.

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs & investors seeking to acquire & operate a UK based business

What we are looking for.

We are looking for a small/medium business with owners who wish to ensure the long-term success of their company.
We aim to unlock all of the wealth they have created in their business, allowing them to either fully retire or retain a reduced role as desired

Why we are different.

Legacy & employees matter.
We are interested in the long-term success of your company and do not have a pre-set time-horizon.
We ensure that your company stays independent and we provide continuity and stability for the employees and customers

our approach.

We are searching for companies across a variety of industries and various stages of growth.We are looking to make a long-term investment in a stable company with the following attributes:• Recurring revenue
• Low customer concentration
• Simple business model
• Multiple avenues for growth
• £5 million to £30 million annual revenue
• EBITDA: £0.75 million - £5 million
We intend to take a direct management role and lead that company for the long-term

meet the team.

Nuno Leitao.

Nuno is the founder of Kortica Capital and he will manage the day to day operations of the acquired business.Nuno has over 10 years of hands-on experience in the automotive industry in Engineering, Operations, Logistics and Procurement.He has worked for Bentley and Honda in the UK, and has international experience in Germany, China and Portugal.Nuno has a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and has recently completed his MBA at the University of Oxford.

We have partnered with a world-class team of entrepreneurs, operators and investors with an outstanding track record in growing and securing legacies.

Sentinel Capital, UK
Sentinel Capital is a single-family office offering wealth management, investment advice and family office services. Their principles are based on capital preservation, a long-term investment philosophy and maximising stakeholder value.

Ethos Partners, UK
Ethos Partners is a private investment office set up by private equity professionals to invest their own capital alongside sophisticated, high net worth investors into quality, smaller transactions.

Simon Webster, UK
Simon is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He acquired a UK-based orthotics and prosthetics business in 1995 and increased its sales tenfold over a 10 year period. He became the chairman of the industry association, representing the industry at a Government level.
Simon teaches at the University of Cambridge and LBS.

Matthias Riechert, UK
Matthias is the founder and Managing director of P&R Investment Management, an investment company that focuses in long-term growth and long-term relationships with all its partners. Prior to P&R, Matthias worked for over 12 years in Finance in Sales & Trading.

Istria Capital, SPAIN
Istria Capital is the first European investment fund specialised in search funds.
Istria's partners have more than 25 years of experience in investment management, strategic and operational consulting and family business. Istria has more than 70 investments in search funds.

JB46 is a serial search fund investor that partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to build lasting companies

AIGlobal is an international investment group with interests in multiple asset classes, including search funds, private equity, real estate, and late-stage ventures around the globe.

Brenda & Marc Van Damme, UK
Brenda and Marc have a vast international experience working in private equity, banking and in finance in New York, Paris, and London, a successful entrepreneurial exit in the early 1990s and substantial experience performing corporate turnarounds in industrial companies.

Will Thorndike, USA
Will is the founder and Managing Director of Housatonic Partners. Currently, Housatonic Partners manages over $1 billion in capital.
He is the author of "The Outsiders", which was named #1 on Warren Buffett's recommended reading list 2012.

Vonzeo, CANADA
Vonzeo finances and invests in entrepreneurs that are looking to acquire, build and grow a long lasting, sustainable business.
Vonzeo has a vast network of experts and CEOs with invaluable knowledge and experience to support its entrepreneurs.

José Cabiedes, SPAIN
José is a successful venture capital and search fund investor. He is co-founder of Cabiedes & Partners SCR, seed investor in the Spanish ICT sector since 1998.
He is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at IESE Business School.

León Bartolomé, SPAIN
León is an active investor in private and public companies as well as real estate and he is one of the most active members of the Search Funds Community.
Prior to search funds, León founded and was CEO and CIO of BBVA & Partners, a company dedicated to the management of Hedge Funds.

Scipio Holding, NETHERLANDS
Scipio is a holding company investing in International SMEs, specialized in the Search Fund Model. Scipio's managing partners are two young entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge of the SME sector.

Frank Kenny, IRELAND
Frank has been a search fund investor for over a decade. He founded Delta Partners in 1994, having previously worked in the venture capital industry with Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co.

Arada Capital, SPAIN
Arada Capital invests in search funds globally, combining the traditional private equity model with modern aspects of entrepreneurship. Arada invests in sustainable companies that generate a positive impact on society.

Marc Bartomeus, SPAIN
Marc has been CEO of Repli, a Spanish packaging distributor, for the past nine years, after he acquired Repli through his search fund, Ariol Capital.

José-Maria Clotet, SPAIN
Jose-Maria has been General Manager of Promax Electronics since 1984 and worked closely with Marc Bartomeus during Marc’s time there. Having built this long-standing relationship, Jose-Maria and Marc now invest alongside each other in traditional search funds.